Instructions for Cake Orders or Quotes (Non-Wedding)


How much notice is needed?

A week or more is preferred, and orders will be accepted anytime the schedule isn't filled.  Cakes for any occasion may be locked in weeks and months ahead.  Sooner is better.

What to do

PREFERRED METHOD IS TO COMPLETE THE FORM IN THE LINK ABOVE  and attach an example photo or sketch.     The form has quick checkboxes and asks all the questions needed to quote your cake.  This is the method of fastest response.  It DOES NOT automatically generate an order - it simply emails us the information needed to email you back with a quote.  

Phone calls are returned only during business hours (closed Sundays & Mondays).  Phone calls to 803-386-8806 are welcome.  Please leave details in a message, starting with when you would need the cake, and how many slices are needed. These are to verify up front that the date is available to make your cake, and to properly size the cake being quoted.  

What happens next?

To accept the quote and create the order,  just reply back with "yes" or "confirm".   After confirmation and payment, all that's left is to pick up the cake!  Delivery is available for a fee for cakes of 3 tiers or more only.

When and how do I pay?

PAYMENT IS DUE 1 WEEK BEFORE PICKUP FOR ALL ORDERS  (2 weeks for wedding cakes).  Instant online payments may be made below, at the bottom of the Home page or on the Payments page.  Or request an email invoice, call in debit/credit card payment, mail a check, or bring cash (appointment required).

We look forward to hearing about your event and theme!

Cake Starting Prices, Flavors, Info

Round Layer Cakes


Round 6" cake = 6-8 servings = $36 and up

Round 8" cake = 12 servings = $46 and up

Round 9" cake = 16 servings = $56 and up

Round 10" cake = 20-24 servings = $72 and up

Round 12" cake = 40-45 servings = $98 and up

Sheet Cakes (2" x 2" squares)


Mini Sheet, 7"x11" = 15 servings = $36 & up

Small Sheet, 9"x13" = 24 servings = $46 & up

Med Sheet, 11"x15" = 35 servings = $56 & up

Half Sheet, 12"x18"  = 54 servings = $98 & up

Full Sheet, 18"x26"  = 108 servings = $136 & up

Sheet cakes may be made two layers (not tiers) high for double the quantity of servings in a smaller footprint for easier transport.  Icing is added between the layers.  The cake then may be cut in 1"x2" two-layer slices instead of cut as flat 2"x2" one-layer squares. Just ask for a "double-high sheet cake" for additional information.

Tier Cakes


2-tier cakes begin at 50 servings = $152 & up

3-tier cakes begin at 98 servings = $350 & up

4-tier cakes begin at 130 servings = $455 & up



$21 per dozen & up, dependent upon design. 


Petits Fours


$21 per dozen & up, dependent upon design.

Cake Topper Kits

Cake Topper Kits Link

These are often the least expensive way to purchase a cake and/or cupcakes for famous cartoons, characters, movies and TV.  Click the link below to see options and photos.  The cakes may be changed or customized; they do not have to be decorated as shown. 

Just right click and email us the photo of the desired cake/kit, and we will be glad to quote. 

Many kits are kept on hand here in the bakery, and photos of them are at the link below.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of kits not in stock.  Subject to supplier availability, and availability of pick-up date in our bakery. Sold only on a cake from Vintage Bakery.

Cake Flavors

White Birthday Cake

A tender white layer cake that is lighter in color and texture than pound cake. This is our best-seller and oldest, best recipe, and is delish with our handmade buttercream frosting.  An old bakery classic that's difficult to find today.  If you can't decide, this is the one to choose.

Red Velvet Cake

Bright red, light in texture and very moist, this is our award-winning recipe and another customer favorite.

Dark Chocolate Cake

A light-texured dark chocolate cake that is not grainy or overly sweet.  A very good match with our handmade buttercream for a chocolate lover's party cake.

Strawberry Cake

A fluffy and tender pink cake with strong strawberry flavor. The fresh berries add additional moisture and flavor.  Strawberry cake lovers give it rave reviews.

Hummingbird Cake

A fairly recent Southern classic, hearty, yet tender and moist.  This cake is made with bananas and pineapple that blend together to make a divine flavor that surpasses any of its parts.  Due to allergies, pecans are included only upon specific request and at extra charge, which is dependent upon size of cake.

Pound Cakes

Almond, lemon, or ButterGold™.  Moist, classic pound cake texture and flavors.  The Buttergold™ is intense yellow and softer, while the others are classic pound cake color and texture.  Pound cake batter is not recommended for cupcakes.

Chocolate Marble

A tender vanilla and chocolate layer cake that is lighter in color and texture than pound cake. 

Carrot Cake

Classic, pure carrot cake with no pineapple, raisins or other surprise ingredients.  Be sure to specify with or without pecans (due to allergies, pecans are included only upon specific request and at extra charge, which is dependent upon size of cake).

Additional Information

Transporting Cakes


The main things to avoid when transporting a cake are unlevel seats, bumps/potholes, jiggling/vibrations, and sudden stops/starts.

Tier cakes should be transported in a FLAT and LEVEL space in your vehicle (cargo area, trunk, floor) with plenty of space for the box.  Slanted seats do not work for tier cakes because they tilt the cake sideways, thus increasing instability.

The boxes for tier cakes are usually between 14" and 20" square - please make sure you have this much room cleared. Also, depending upon the design, the height could be too tall for the passenger front floor because of the console above.  Please think about the size of your cake ahead of time and plan accordingly.  You may need to borrow a friend's vehicle if you drive a small sports car with limited space.

Please clear personal items BEFORE arriving to pick up the cake, and assure no items are positioned where they could fall on/into the cake. When you leave the bakery you will not have a free hand to rearrange vehicle items while you're holding the cake.

Cakes may not be left in the car to run errands without softening/melting when the temperature inside the vehicle exceeds about 75°F.​

Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting Diagram

It is difficult to cut cakes precisely by the charts because it is a freehand process, but they are good for understanding how to cut the number of slices calculated for each tier.  There are other methods/layouts for cutting, and although most caterers/planners have their own practiced and preferred methods, the slice sizes are approximately equal at approximately  2" deep x 1" wide x height of the cake tier. 

Refrigeration, Freezing


Refrigerating cakes before the party/event is not recommended.  Moisture in the refrigerator will soften decorations.  Also condensation forms when returning to room temperature which can cause colors to bleed and more moisture/softening.

After cutting, leftovers will keep longer if thoroughly wrapped to remove air, then refrigerated or frozen.

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